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Wanna love, wanna disappear, what do I want to do?
My heart is pierced with pain

Looking at the clear cloudless sky, today I'm still out travelling
Hiding away a heart which is almost dried, walking on the street

The thoughts in mind are always the same
Inside the changing sceneries, it is you whom I always see

This strong feeling cannot be cut apart
You should be able to see it too right?
Whereever we are, it (the soul) always shines without regret

It is destiny that these two lives meet in one point
Even as we refuse it, we're separated, but it will put us back together
Just concentrate on polishing that soul and so it shines
And it will continue to catch our attention and eyes

If we neglect it for a moment, it might disappear
This shine wrapping around the fragile and imaginary us
The desire to be spoiled is almost to the point of blowing away
Sleeping alone at night is so trying

Whoever leaves first is fine, our relationship is like that
The life-span of a flower is short, you know this, right?

At last, finally I'm still left by myself, only now in my heart there's always you
Whereever I'll be, it (the soul) always shines without regret
Oh, let your soul shine!