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I gulp down the luke-warm water and throw the empty glass away
Words that don't fit in well are flying and scattering about

When was it that I fail the expectation, I'm always the one who is at fault
Is this love darkening like the sun during sunset, silently deserted?

I'm a baby, even as I touch your bare skin, I still can't let out a sound
I know that you love me, I'm so guilty to keep hurting you
I'm just a stubborn Rock Man

There's nothing outside of love or hate
Perhaps I'm really such a desolated person

Just like go on living with a negative mind, everything I do causes misunderstanding
If I advance forward one more step, I'll actually be in so much happiness

I'm a baby, please wait a second, I wanna change things that need to be changed
This ice-like pride of mine, I actually want you to melt it
I'm a Rock Man who can't say it outloud

I'm a baby, sorry that I'm so obstinate, please get me out of this suffering
Would you please notice that somebody is taking care of you from afar?
If I can see that small back of yours, then let's embrace each other without hesitation
I'm a Rock Man who is already awaken