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The night is far too silent—so much so that my ears throb in pain
Despite the fact that neither you nor I nor anyone else is asleep

If words still retain the ability to convey that which is important
Then, I don't care what it's about—just let me hear your voice once again

I know—you want to leave already, right?
How could I not notice? You're the only one
Whatever it is, it won't be in vain
Because it isn't like we've given up on something

The break of dawn was always such a boring moment
But a different sun than usual shines through to the corner of the room

If you have a dream, go ahead and pursue it
Because it was while wandering freely like gypsies
That we found each other

Let's meet again, someday, someplace
There's no way I'd ever forget you—You're the only one
When you open the door, the road is asleep...
Tired of waiting for you to take your first step forward

Remembering only the happiest times,
You drown in your own tears—that's fine, once in a while
The days we spent together will make us stronger
So let's hold it close to our chests
Let's meet again no matter what, someday, someplace
There's no way I'd ever forget you—Baby, you're the only one
The sun is here to rise once again...