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Lazing around, before I know it it’s the afternoon
My schedule is empty, today’s a national holiday

All I could do was worry that I’d be too late, that somebody else would get in first
It made me feel funny inside

Without thinking anything at all, I get changed
And go to your place without even calling first (don’t be mad)
We can go to a town far away, or anywhere you want
I’ll just go, I’ll leave it to chance (nothing wrong with that)

The moment I saw the look of surprise on your face
I had a feeling it was going to be a wonderful day

Even the shopping mall that’s so crowded you bump into people
Will do

I don’t have the strength to stop so many ugly incidents happening
But I’ve realised that being alive is better than being dead

A row of cars, wagons waiting for the lights to change
On the other side of the window, a family is singing (singing something)
The people in our country lead all kinds of lives
Gritting their teeth and working to find happiness (we’re all doing our best)

There’s a surprising amount of scenery that I love just around me

Lalan lalan... I learn more about myself
Lalan lalan... I find you
Stars appear in the sky that’s stained in blue
We walked so slow we almost stopped (holding hands)
Everything about that day made me feel good
If there is a God, I want to thank Him (thank you very much)
One feeling can surely open a new door