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Hanging up the phone in a rude fashion, I sigh and take a look at my watch
As bitter it is and as agitated I am, it's gonna alright somehow

It's torture imagining the days you'll be gone
That's kinda dangerous

(12 'o clock already...!!)

Mayday! My heart and body are crying for help
Anomaly detected—look for it inside yourself with all honesty
Baby, that's what manhood is about

Although our lifestyles are slightly different, there shouldn't be a big difference in what's important
Being fooled by the world, we've lost track of the stream of emotions that connects us

The smallest misunderstandings are inexcusable wastes of time
That's what lethality is about

(6 'o clock already...!!)

Mayday! I'll catch you who passes me over
Emergency situation—if you understand, come flying right now
Baby, don't you ignore me, it's an SOS

(Time is running out...!!)

Mayday! Open up to the nearing tragedy
Emergency situation—giving up would be a severe crime to time
Mayday! Don't make love go away for ridiculous reasons
Exceptional circumstances—don't just take that love away without having thought it over
Baby, everywhere there's an SOS