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Out of the sudden, you appear in my dream
What about me, do I ever appear in yours?

Then it was dawn and everything is waking up
It is another very busy day which I’ll throw myself into

Just by saying your name
There’s a wave generating from the centre of my body
As if being sucked into the sky
My heart elevates and leaves on a journey
Until when will it keep wandering, searching for warmth...

In a flash, very vividly, I remember a scene
I trace in my heart a street where we once walked together
Roaming on the street of my memory
While closing my eyes, I walk through it alone

Isn’t it great if we can go back to the past
Somehow somewhat I feel we can do better
But anyway, never mind with that
Only that I care for you and I can’t help myself
I really can’t control this selfish feeling of mine

Every single time I hear your voice
It immediately heats up my head
Bits and pieces of unformed words
Stretching out and filling up my chest

I just want us to be together a little bit more
I really feel that we can do better this time
But anyway, never mind with that
I just want to see you one more time
And if you smile to me again
Then my world will be saved...