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Your shadow appears nightly
Feeling rather ashamed that this week I've been losing sleep

Two, three times of small casual talks, we still don't know anything about each other
A relationship that seems to have started but would not start, how to say it?

I’m in love? It's not a laughing matter
An avalanche seems to occur
That voice has made a bell ring inside this heart

If only I had piled up a bit more experience in this life
I wouldn't feel as if I'm always going into dark clouds

Calendar turns its pages swiftly
Someday the excitement is bound to cool down, right
But let's say if today the world ends
What would everyone do?

I’m in love? Can't say this to anyone
My confidence is shaking too
Imagining only the impossible things, the night turns into day

Why is it? To such clear pretty voice
I can't be straight-forward
I’m in love? Can't say this to anyone
My defense seems to have been torn down
I feel that at this moment, I'm becoming a completely new me
And it might just start everything