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The sky is filled with the color gold; the day is almost gone
On the bustling street, I look back at all that's happened today

Can you hear the collective voice of everyone?
Even when I'm left all alone, I'm not afraid
Is that something you've noticed?

More than anyone
You have given me a newer and truer courage
Brighter than the morning light
Your smile alone touches my heart

The wounds are burning, encircling my body
Slowly closing my eyes, in the dark I find my guide

The memories of past fights flash by
Disappointments last for only one night, while joy is forever...

More than anyone
I will pray for the peaceful state of your heart
Don't worry about anything, it's all right
Just move ahead innocently to face tomorrow

Even in my desires
Even in my expectations
Even when I lack confidence
Never! I'll never be held down!

Without thinking a single selfish thought, you burn yourself with the fire
It's touched me that much--I'll never forget your flame

More than anyone
You have given me the purest of passionate feelings
Just like the transparent melody of a clock
It echoes and hums alone in this world

More than anyone
I will focus on and watch over you until the last moment
So that you may sleep wrapped in feathers
And think of nothing but the greatest of moments

(New days are beginning...)