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No matter what, we'd soon get tired of it
Tell me why do you have to whisper in my ear
About love with such alcohol breath

Tonight is another late slutty night too
You who don't understand it, is a totally useless guy, really
You cannot bare your naked heart for me to see
So put on your pants and go home

It's better for us if we break up
It's for your own good
Saying that with those romantic eyes
Don't whisper or murmur, I'll soon burst out

Hiding away all those messy desires
Bound by akward stage-dialogs, you're so pitiful
Well, let's talk about who's having affair with whom
Let's talk about aimless trips right until morning

Until we wanna do it, then let's do it...

Money, love, heart and body are all bound into this one star

Raise your slutty voice and shout
A person who is hopelessly defending her pride
Is re-arranging herself and going to stand up again
Because I can't help liking you
therefore I'm giving you your freedom