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What has happened today?
Hope that tomorrow will also be over peacefully

Whether something has happened or not
That sky will continue moving forward

Right from the moment I met you
Every second of the time is so valueable
Forever, an everlasting love

On days when we felt hopelessly insecure
Neither of us uttered any complaint

In between there are threads entwining
Bonding the two of us together

I'm remembering your warmth
And that eager voice echoing
Forever, an everlasting love

Retrieving this bond that is to be burried in darkness

When I met you (in this world)
Right from that moment (oh, you're not alone)
I thought to myself that I'm not alone anymore

Thinking that no matter where (no matter when)
You're watching me from some place (you're still by my side)
This thought is what always keep me going
Forever, an everlasting love
No matter where, a love that never dies...