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True to the prediction, she has run away, taking with her everything
Sure enough, the reality tastes bitter
I understand, I said I understand, I'm too fast, I'm very clumsy
At random you don't like it at all
That kind of thing, other guys can do it too

I have my own dream
Even if I'm to be smashed, I still have my own dream
I will forget about this no-way-out troublesome matter of being dumped continuously
I want to be an Iron Man who won't get defeated by intense loneliness
Bit by bit and gently I will turn just like a stone that won't crack into pieces
Say, somebody give me a Deep Kiss !

You will never be able to make it in this life time, you told me off and give up on me
Comparing other people with me
You said please cut your hair, please change your manner of speaking
She's completely like some sensei

I have my point of view too
As ignorant as it is, I still have my own point of view
I don't feel hurt when people bully me
What others are gossiping about, I don't care
The chance for the right person to show up is still here, turning round and round
While keeping silent, my talent is sharpening just like a knife
But before that, give me a Deep Kiss !

People who are lacking love are overflowing
Everyone is obsessed about snatching everything
I'm gonna explode and no one can accept it
Right now, I only want a gentle Deep Kiss !