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I want somebody to be by my side, even in the event I have a tough night
I want to dry out my voice and destroy something with somebody — there are times when you're hot-blooded

I think that being alone is all right after all; I am at least behaving, after all
"I miss you" — I haven't said those words even once

Hey, somebody! You know me, don't you?
I'm wishing it from the bottom of my heart
While people await an answer from somebody,
They face a dark and painful night

I successfully make progress on my own — he's the reason why I'm clumsy
The point is, I'm fine living my way. It's obvious and it's unrelated to friendship and popularity

Even though I say I'm in bad shape and need to remain bedridden for a while to recover,
There are no calls and everything progresses without concern — society continues rotating in its usual, cold manner

Hey, somebody! You know me, don't you?
Tell me what kind of impression I make
This world is only a conglomerate of sadness anyway
Convincing myself of just that, I forcefully bring my eyes to a close

Respond to me, respond to me — I don't care what you'll say
Let me hear it, let me hear it — Cutting the darkness into all those pieces

Hey, somebody! You know me, don't you?
I hope we'll meet somewhere, someday
That optimistic feeling is with me even in my dreams
You always walked by as I was looking for you
Everything loses its meaning once you're on your own