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After going out without saying a word
you wander around from night to morning
Baring your claws at news you don't like
you disappear into the noisy city
You laugh, saying that drifting people are lame
while making light of me with your cold eyes and accustomed hands

Go ahead and run wherever you like
bustle around as much as you want
Every night meow meow drown your sorrows
and see milk-coloured dreams
And then come back to me

Pretending to get drunk right away
you howl that you don't care what happens anymore
But your head is as clear as crystal
and your stomach is always empty
You know every single trick that'll make people happy
and even though I think I won't be tricked I fall for it in the end

Go ahead and run wherever you like
you can do everything by yourself after all
Every night meow meow looking for love,
I bet you're feeling a little empty inside
And you're alone today as well

Go ahead and run wherever you like
it may be too late no matter what I gave you anyway
And I'm also a fool for listening to what you say
so from now on I'll be more strict with you

You're a cat too quick to catch and too stubborn to listen to a word I say
so go all the way 'till the end of space
You're not too good at understanding things
so I'm sure you'll get lonely before long
that's why you should come back to me