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A drive in broad daylight, open the window
Let's go somewhere, anywhere under this sun

Because of whom that you forget to nod
Wanting to ask you so bad, I step firmly on the gas instead

Soft wind blows, aa, your hair is swaying
Where can we find our true feelings
Tell me, blue sunshine

This awfully dry throat is blocking my words
You never change, forever you are the one I long for

Everybody wishes for somebody
It sounds like a simple fact yet it's never that easy

Gripping tight the phone, aa, what am I praying for right now
Don't smile to me in pity or as if you just remember to

Suddenly the radio is informing some dark affairs
I've known that reaching for understanding is difficult for us

Everyone keeps wandering between light and its shadow
Tears flowing and hands reaching out to a slightly brighter place
I'm happy as long as you're living your life the way you like it
If there's a place you wish to go, I'll drive you anywhere
Bye bye, blue sunshine