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As I faintly slept
The sky had already turned light
You, and me as well,
We both had something to say

In the end, we got tired
And let it go
What a tedious day covered in dust

What is going to change tomorrow, I wonder?
Trivial misunderstandings I'd laugh at
Ice that melts away bit by bit
Such dreams, bitter dreams
Let's drink them up

Let's fling open the windows
And let some fresh air in
So hot one could burn oneself
Let's make such a coffee

To each other...
We have shown a great many things
But the ability to fully love one another alludes us

Don't resent or hate anyone
Just keep those sweet memories of yours
And let's part ways like that
Such memories, bitter memories
Let's drink them up

We show each other our true feelings
We hurt each other so much that it leaves regrets
But we still move forward
Such a fate, a harsh fate
If there's a route you haven't taken yet,
It's fine to walk it for a while
Before departure, just one more cup of...
This black coffee, this bitter coffee
Let's drink it up