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The engine awakes with a sudden noise
In extremely good form, today too, it's flying happily
After this, when will it actually stop
Nobody has any idea

Somehow, someway, I have come this far smoothly
Even though I still miss that girl who ran away a little

Can't stop, I'm running with burning desires
Sorry, it's time to go
The huge tires are turning (even if somebody is laughing)
We are Big Machine

All over the world, devils and angels are of different colors
They take turns disappearing and reappearing
Covered with wounds all over, yet still swallowing everything in
This cylinder is going to explode

Whether in the happiest time or drowning in the mud
Is there anyone who can laugh and slap you at the back?

Can't stop, I'm running with burning passions
Can't bear it, so accept the jeerings
Flying over goodness and evilness (foolish but sublime)
This sorrowful Big Machine

I'm running with brimming burning lusts
Feels like crying, even over setbacks
A goal in the far away with no end to be seen (it's become further and further)
While searching for it
Rolling in high speed (no time to look back)
This impulsive Big Machine