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When you spend hard days for some weeks only with spirits
You might be a bit tired
Every night, singing in the crowded streets
There is something in my chest

A noisy old man having his beer mug in his hand at the counter in a bar
I don't know what it is but "the stakes are 1 million" my breath is coiling

During holiday, I have too much free time
And on a weekday at work, I have no free time
Once again master and mother are beginning to argue

With such a thing, with such a thing
I am not worried
I must become bigger
Because as a guy, I am still incapable of many things

I should not have make such spare key (for you)
The romantic echo is broken

You can not forget your ex-lovers
And why are you bringing men into my room?

With such a thing, with such a thing
Whatever I am screaming
Even when I am being tortured, I am laughing away
Tomorrow's me will be bigger than today's
Absolutely big