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How many times did I make the call?
Putting down the receiver I'm already outside
Running until I'm tired in this lonesome capital city
Unwillingly, but it's inevitable that I go back into the house
The moon is unreliable orange color Baby Moon

Seems like tonight is hopeless
And I don't have any other special place to go either
Looking at me in this situation
You can only give your lovely laugh, right

Bitter grown-up's ice lemon tea
Each sound of ice cubes touching the glass
is driving me crazy like a biting mad dog

Ah, see, it's becoming too weird
Your light shining down upon me
Tell me what do you think of this relationship?
Let's keep playing in this youthful mood

Baby, I'm Baby Moon, it seems like I'm becoming a rock
When your light is not shining upon me
You're the Sun, shine on me only now
Ah, anything will do, might as well start all over again
I will see to some awkwardness