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Even if everything goes wrong
I can't be angry to anyone
My mother who lies about my father's whereabouts
I don't hate them all that much

Who had wished for me to be born?
Put your hand up if you want me, I wonder how many people would?

In the darkness my so-called Dark Youth continues to tumble
Today too, I'll force myself to smile, then I'll get over the boredom
Please forgive this terrible mood

Just like an embrace after a quarrel
I don't connections to mischievous days
With time and process that I learned from pain
that everyone is different

I write letters even when I have nothing to say
Throughout the night my thoughts leap around right until morning
But I'm not causing trouble, right?

I like you
I'm not sure because I don't keep score

In the darkness my somewhat Dark Youth wanders aimlessly
The world inside my head is expanding in this small room
My own new world that no one knows about

Being young is not just about brightness
Light and shadow intertwine with each other

In the darkness my wonderful Dark Youth cowers low
Don't think and worry that you're living a dream
If you could spot a small light, even just a tiny one, it's all good
And so you will be alright, just get there someday