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The sound of raindrops slowly but steadily echo
My feelings stir up within me like a beast
Should I look up at the sky on a Saturday afternoon, it hazes into a dubious shade of grey

With a cool look on your face you sip the coffee I poured
The fingertip you press against the CUP is unmistakably white and beautiful
Last night where did you go and with whom, and what kind of fun stuff were you doing?
Oh, I want to know, no, I don't want to know

Is it there or is it not It isnt' quite clear yet
Searching for sure proof, the great free-for-all of suspicions begins

What's going on? I have absolutely no idea
Where is whatever it is I'm looking for

Even though the flame of love was supposed to have died out
I'm shown a side of you I've never seen and its rekindled indecently within me
Even though I'm shiftless and don't have the right to do so, I can't forgive your betrayal, aren't I a fool
My finger has a mind of its own and it explores your body, it gropes your body

Is it there or is it not Nobody knows
It's almost like insolently and violently striving for mass quantities of destructive weapons

What's going on? I have entirely no idea
Where is whatever it is I'm looking for
In actuality, I'm hoping to find nothing
Give me another CHANCE another CHANCE to stay alive