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This isn't some "none of my business" sort of social preaching situation
While pointing at others with chopsticks in hand, the face turns red
"This country is finished" comes out fluently from the mouth
And then you blame yourself until you're satisfied

I understand your feeling, but isn't it about time we leave this place?

We've got the wing
Spread those shining silver wings and come with me
Precious things won't wait for your anything-can-do motto
Do you have it in you to treasure what's precious to you?
Silver, a hard color, so very sweet...

Talking about you, baby!
"I've done bad things," you say as you drop your head low
But even as it comes out of your mouth, you're already running away
Don't want anymore of this, don't wanna hear no more
Leave it to me, those kinds of promises
Because bad-mouthing others seems to cause only pain

There are things—many things—we could do, but we don't

We've got the wing
Clutching on to just anybody and demanding things will not change a thing
You can't run away from facing the result of what you've done
Even a kid won't agree with that
Silver, the color of courage, so very sweet...

We've got the wing
Spread those shining silver wings and come with me
From what and where shall we start from?
Do you have the willpower to learn things you don't know?
If you worry about failures, admit everything and start over again, isn't that fine too?
You get it, don't you? There's someone here who's always by your side, waiting for you
Silver, the color of independence, so very sweet...

We've got that silver wing to be free
It's so sweet