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Even when I receive a lot of love from you...
It's all one-time-use and I'm not able to return anything to you
What I'm spitting out violently are hurtful words
Things won't hold up for much longer this way

If you've noticed that something isn't right,
Then, now's the time for me to change
I'll show you pure ACTION

Without being told anything by you...
Any time I see someone being excessively nice, I jump the gun
Feeling an unspoken pressure, I start groveling
What a stupid waste of emotion

When someone touches my sore spot...
I immediately become irritable—oh, this uncoolness of mine
If you're just sitting there waiting, that's a big crime in itself
Just one word is enough to swell a love that's withering away
Don't take a detour—take ACTION

If it's a lonely hand, I'll grasp it tightly
No ignoring, no playing dirty—where has courage gone?

Because I don't want to make you cry anymore,
Now is the time I must change
I'll stop trying to look good and show how desperate I am
Glittering drops of sweat will make you recall what moved you in the first place
I'll show you pure ACTION
Just straight ACTION