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Time passes and passes as all the colors change
The alluring flower petals are fated to fall one day

Let's live as if we don't care if we were to burn out
It's all right, I'll store away a place to return to in my heart

Secretly, quietly, the clouds come out
They cover all the incandescence in shadows
Even now, I think there's something you want to say
As you cry when I put my hand on yours

Raindrops like needles create ripples on the water surface
The spectrum of the carps' colors sway the leaves of the water lily

Are there days in your past that you wish you could erase from existence?
Days of the kind will pass through your heart and disappear like a storm

Secretly, quietly, the night grows old
The sadness sneaks its way in
I draw you closer to me
We wait for the tomorrow we've yet to see

Secretly, quietly, the moon comes out
Leaving me to see your darling smile
And then we set out walking
To someplace far away, that isn't here