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Now what shirt are you gonna pick? You're here to show off
And which way will you walk today? Let your curiosity guide you
Time will heal the ugly things
If I'm in the way then hit me
All of us humans are falsely similar
The last person standing is the king

Hey hey glaring person, you're spotted everywhere
Hey hey glaring person, you can't hide anywhere

Who began around what year? This loveless teasing habit
Are the kimono, the body, the voice, and the heart smeared away to one color?
Being the target of bullying after the festival, I won't forget the hometown in my heart
Praise the different, release the light, laugh at sneers, and free your soul

Hey hey glaring person, don't show your back
Hey hey glaring person, hey hey stand up stand up stand up stand up stand up

Different, different, you and I are different
We're totally different, that's why I love you
Different different, something is stirring up
Everyone is different, that's why I glare