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Always looking up to the foolish sky above that hasn't changed
As men keep changing in slight confusion
You're bursting with determination to not be late
As you run along the street

After meeting that you who's always smiling,
I learned the pleasure of becoming one
While embracing in that tender bossom,
I was able to hold my dream in hands

No matter where, everyday is just a working day
Men are always attracted by the smell of success
But as it goes on,
It always overlaps with your gentleness

Saying that I don't mind being alone,
Screaming that everything will be fine,
Deeply drunk in the dizzying light,
I'm going to forget you

Losing the meaning of happiness
In the wandering people of the crowd
Everyone once again continues their steps
On this road of no return

You are the only one who's been searching for me
You've been waiting quietly all by yourself,
For the heart that shines its brightest light
A heart that belongs to those days...