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I can't forget, my heart in love
Never ever forget, my heart in love

She always has milk tea at the coffee shop by the station
As she talks about new shampoo, rinse, and plans for the school trip
I really wanna talk to her, but it'd be no good if she saw my rough character

What do I do? The other girls have come to interrupt--at this point, any idea would be great!
Is that what they call women's intuition? I'm troubled, Sensei! Very much!

As her mid-length hair swayed to the side, I saw she was in tears
What's wrong? (What's wrong?) What's the matter, baby?
Even her tears are cute! I'd really like to know her better
Should I ask Matsumoto for advice?
I'd probably be laughed at, so better not!

What should I do? I can't use school lessons as a topic right now
Say, isn't life hard, pretty hard, Sensei? Really hard!
If I could, I'd like to dance with her, just the two of us glittering in the shimmering lights
All even though I know she's fond of someone else

What should I do about this love that won't go smoothly?
Right now, I wish I could be more of an adult
Is this something that troubles everybody, Sensei? (Sensei!)

Even though I don't know when my best of friends will all drift away...
Let's laugh and sing for the times that'll never return

I'll never forget that love
I didn't cry even though the pain was knocking at my heart
Blurred and hurried days where I run and bounce sweatily are here to stay even now!

I can't forget, my heart in love
Never ever forget, my heart in love