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"It's here!" is exclaimed while crying to relay the news to me
What's been born is a precious new life

A small light — what awaits you beyond that
Is unknown noise, freedom, discomfort and uncontrollable, expanding hope

What type of thoughts am I pouring into this name as I give it this life?
Just like a flower, just like a bird — beautiful and flexible
Don't ever forget the color of the sky as it was that day

The sinking sun will set countless times and the tides will have their change...
As this tumbling life rolls on in an unknown direction

Nothing will go as planned
But can I hold this tiny body tightly for now?

What type of future did I expect when I chose this name?
Just like the rain, just like the snow — coming down straight and pure
Do you remember the scent of the wind as it was that day?

More than anything, that voice will appeal only to you

What type of thoughts did I pour into this name when I gave it this life?
Just like the earth, just like the sea — a heart so strong
So that you cannot lose, so that you can love, so that you can shine on someone,
Never forget the day that your world changed