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Coming off the street with heavy legs...
Today, too, I've gone home by myself again
When the door opens, into the thin darkness of the house,
The light shines through

I can't escape these unhappy days
I'm sure everyone has experienced them
You retrieve memories from your heart where so many photos are stored,
As you open the window and look out

I could always step forward, because for me, there was always you
I can still hear your voice even now, that's not a lie
A soft wind blows over where you used to sit
The passing of time spoke to my undying love
Saying, "It's all right to go on living"

Just like a night sky trapped in the clouds,
I can't see anything, making me fear for tomorrow
I want to be a child again
I'm shaking my head as I think about it

Even if it rained, we didn't need an umbrella, because we had each other
The person who taught me that,
And the droplets of tears that I made her shed,
I can't touch either anymore

I also became cowardly when I thought I had you
I wanted to make every single bad premonition disappear
We will all die one day, meaning we're all inherently very lovely
Forgetting that, we carelessly use up the time we have
It's all right to cry

Everyone wishes to be loved
This world is enveloped by loneliness
No one can violate the joy of being in love
We turn into a shining, glittering rock during such times, right?

I was glittering every day that I thought I had you
I became stronger because there was someone I could not lose
Even when flower petals scatter, I couldn't lose that thing I got from you
That whisper that tapped on this beating heart and its pulse
Saying, "It's all right to go on living"