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Smiling at the lovely scenery
A peaceful character without anything to be scared of

Everyone without exception wishes for happiness
Even if I get hurt, I will rise back and be healed
I believe in tomorrow

Please don't come nearer, I'm in pain, sorry
To this thing that seems to be broken, don't reach out your hands anymore
Isn't it good enough that we have made the best of our time together?
No matter what shape of love it is, misunderstanding it is fine

The passed reguest was for kindness
With its after-effect burst open and scattered around like fireworks

Why are you smiling at me?
Actually what kind of relationship are you dreaming about?

Don't touch me, don't lick me, I don't have any wounds anywhere
The tears have dried, asleep like mud
Because boring days are once again making it good
Don't get me into more troublesome matters please

I'm afraid of flaming up, being burnt to ashes
I don't wanna see anything, hear anything, or answer any question
Don't be gentle to me, somehow from now on please don't
I will become like that day again, not understanding myself anymore

(Girl : Don't go away...)
Wanna be alone
This heart of stone
So let everything go, go, go
(Girl : Tell me your pain...)
Don't get close to me
Don't get close to me, baby
Don't get close to me anymore, no, no, no
(Girl : Get close to me, baby...)
Don't wanna hear the sound
Don't wanna see the light
Don't wanna never ever...