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Even when I’ve made up my mind to never see you again, wind of you makes its way to my ears
Is there anybody out there who can see the color of everyone's emotions without speaking a word?

We were linked by an extraordinary small probability
And toyed around with by both love and hate

Lonely Stars… if you are to live without regret, isn’t there someone you shouldn’t be forgetting about?
That’s the only place where anything will ever begin
What it is that pulls people together like a magnet is what we call "fate"

Although I had decided that I would live just the way I am and be true to myself
I chicken out and end up taking the easy way, and that’s the person I see in the mirror

"Someday, I’ll change," I kidded myself and mumbled
All I’ve been doing is waiting for the days to quietly pass by

Lonely Stars… if you aren’t joking, isn’t there a part of yourself you have to tear down?
That’s the only place you’ll find pleasure
Even if you cry and make a fool of yourself you crawl and move on, that’s yet another ( )

You and I are stars pushed on by an infinitely large power
And we cannot survive if we wander from the orbit we are to follow

Lonely Stars… if you’re going to stick with love till the end, isn’t there a wall that you have no choice but to overcome?
Though you may pray you can’t rely on God
If all I did was run away this face of mine would grow sodden in the blink of an eye
Always facing things head-on, whatever the case may be, it is our fate to make a decision
Living things that simply want a purpose that is out there beyond victory and defeat
That’s good enough