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Occasionally getting your own hands dirty is a dictator's bravery
Occasionally not letting any clouds appear is a wise person's purity

Even should I have both of these, it'll still be absurd
A boss who can stretch time... apparently it isn't skill that makes such a person

I wanna go wild, I wanna go wild — Without anything burdening me
Pathetic, so pathetic — It's different from what I envisioned in my dreams

You care about your people, but even though you pay attention and make great promises
You're getting kicked by those very same people; it's just a neatly fading situation

Right now I'm wishfully listening to your beloved words
I'm going to work hard just a little bit more, so come over

I wanna go wild, I wanna go wild — Just like a little brat
I wanna go home already, I wanna go home already — I'm just a normal person

Who was expecting it?

All the heckling, screaming, angry roars and rumors put pressure on my head
I only paid attention to my looks and, in the end, everything's a mess

I wanna go wild, I wanna go wild — Just like a hero from olden times
I wanna get drunk, I wanna get drunk — Until I lose consciousness
Really, I am sorry, I am sorry — Please leave me alone already
In a country like this, in a country like this — whatever you say, nothing will change

Blame it on me now