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Thousands of flower petals dancing in the wind
Like pink butterflies, they traverse the roads ahead

That was something I've been seeing before, at a time that cannot be reverted to

When I whispered nonchalant words...
You extended your hand and held mine tight

Oscillating still, I've come across you again
The seasons grab me
Try to face forward, try to believe
The future will always be prone to change

All those things I'm unable to recall are abundant in number
Thinking of them while turning my gaze to the sky, I sneeze

Those things that have gone by and faded away — such was called fate

When I spewed those idle and trifling words...
You said nothing, hung your head low, and made way for tears

Oscillating still, you disappeared again
The sceneries surround me
Try to strain your eyes and focus, try to brand it deeply
Upon where these cascading words are headed

Though it is "love", it can sometimes be fragile
That which can protect it is... "Love," as expected?

Oscillating still, I've come across you again
The seasons envelop around me
Try to recall those wonderful days
And those things you never want to destroy