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Chasing after the sunrise that turns the eastern sky pink
This junk car is running at full speed, with you on it
Your hair dances in the wind and is faintly fragrant
I want you to be a little closer to me
That guy is desperate, he kindles hate

Getaway getaway to the edge of the Earth
Blow away everything you're afraid of
The moment where anything and everything is brand-new
Don't ever look back

My heart was gobbled up and torn to shreds by a beast
And unthinkingly I stole you away
Taste the loneliness of the notion that it's almost as if
We're the only two people in this wide world, and tear away at your chest

Getaway getaway to the edge of the Earth
Once we make it through that curve it'll be the blue sky
The overpowering scent of life and death
I spin the wheel as if I've completely lost it

I've just gotten my hands on it
A kind of freedom that's never been seen before Yeah

Getaway getaway I'm a pierrot
A single-minded and foolish fugitive
Please don't cry any tears
Sad yet beautiful is life
I won't picture a gloomy future anymore
I won't slow down the speed of my dreams anymore