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I know when we first met that it was innocent meeting
I got the sign that it's all casual
I don't care if I regret this
For it certainly felt good
As if being sucked in completely

But... can't go any deeper than this
Looking at your eyes, I'm going numb
Somewhere in there someone is watching for sure
You're just like a trap

Talking on the phone while the heart is getting overly excited
Embracing each other tightly as if falling from a cliff
This is so extreme
It will be more difficult to untie than any tightest bind

But... can't go any deeper than this
Touching you, my hands are going numb
There's trouble waiting ahead
It's time to drag the devil back into the house

I think you understand
That I'm by no means a patient guy

Shiver, shiver and frightened, the nerve is shrinking
It's embarassing to wrestle myself
But I never think that it'd be better if we hadn't met
Hey, you, such lovely person, what should I do

I don't hate it, I wanna go to the extreme
Who knows that everything might feel wonderful
But no matter what, I'm going home
Back into being a useless coward, bye bye!