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Because you know I don't want to make any enemies, even when I back someone into a corner
I end up scorning myself as well, and somehow muddle my way out of the moment
This inconsistent lifestyle
Having that pointed out to me is a situation I'd rather avoid
And so as a result I'm unable to voice my opinion clearly

I know already, the secret's been out for a while amongst my friends
Even then you'll still smile at me? That's why I'm so into you

Go on this is MY WAY
It's too late to stop my habit of jumping the gun now
Carrying a PARADOX with me until my strength is exhausted

Even if I pretend to be someone I'm not there's nothing contradictory about your sweet smell

As I'm unable to keep up with the speed of this floating world
I cram knowledge the night before and then pretend to be in the know
The castle I've fortified with small lies

Trembling with a look of innocence on my face, I'm standing on my tiptoes
Even then you'll still give me a kiss? You're too good to me

Go on this is MY WAY
With tears in my eyes, I fight on
Let your COMPLEX blaze up until you turn them into weapons

Even if I'm always putting on a bold front
There's no strain in the feelings I have for you

Even those people who appear perfect
Turn blue with anger and are troubled in ways nobody sees
Moving forward towards something, reaching your hand out and struggling
Now that's a PERFECT LIFE

Multiply your negatives and turn them into positives

Go on this is MY WAY
Even while still a bit curious as to what others think of you
Scoff and blow it off, and then, off to what's beyond the rainbow

Even if I'm told I lack the ability, just you, I want to protect