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Flying from one town to another
Gathering memories, fatigue and mileage
If there is a road, I must go on it
I have seen scary things but was not frightened

Finally it's here, I have been wanting to meet you

This life that is filled with events that come and goe
Until when will it continue like this
I don't dislike leading such life
Do you know anything about amourous rendezvous?
We are the insatiable travelling men

Accidents in such life naturally happen
And that we should not forget
Although I never hope
I know that I don't ever give up either

I want to stand witness to a lot of happenings

Roller coaster life that goes up and down
Thought I would like it but I come to hate it
Brush away that unnecessary anxiety
Let's burst open a night's dream
Everyone is travelling men who never learn better

This moment we are looking at each other, this moment will not come back
This moment we are having conversations, the words have already disappeared
This moment here, my strength to live tomorrow is being born
This moment, it is being born