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I want to do this and that — so long as there's hope, there's no end to that cycle
Every wish is one that will either come true or won't
Knowing my own strength, I live life to the fullest
Without taking note, the energy that's been overflowing within me has suddenly come to a full stop

The round sun climbs through the window, but why is such sunlight so cold?

Is it a sin that my dream is unable to find an answer?
Is it bad that the day ends with me being unable to do a single thing?

Despite whatever similarities I may see,
Yesterday and today are no doubt different

"You're not doing enough", "You're not getting through" — That's impossible
These hopelessly plain phrases linger in my mind
I get the feeling I've discovered whether it's possible or not
I've become masochistic right before your eyes, sorry for that

This is one something that can't be helped — it's bound to repeat countless times in the future

If I can't envision it even in a dream, I should just wait it out with determination
I can only make a change by keeping on living

It's okay, even should it require a considerable amount of time
Even should you have to force yourself, enjoy it

This blue sky, it's too blue — who are you supporting now?

Losing a dream and settling into confusion is not something done in vain
I still have to stop doing what I've been doing through now
No choice but to shake it off, or else I won't be seeing the future
Even now, this timidity isn't something I can hide any longer

Even if it always amounts to just another dead end,
This is my favorite road