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But somebody else said
that posture isn't everything.
If you're going to chew on
that straw with your hungry face, then chew on me.

How about you envy the couples and foreigners in the streets until you've resolved your issues?

Let's cut through the waves of emotion by crawling.
You're a swimmer taking on the never ending river!!
With a majestic foam, probably just like that
I hope you don't overlook the glow

Speaking of which, nothing's happened yet,
so nothing's over yet.
You're just rapt away by me
who's troubled with drinking in the evening.

It's ok to force yourself, but how about you shout out "Thank you very much!!" just once this time?

Let's cut through the waves of emotion by crawling.
We're swimmers who have gone through a lot
How about you touch happiness by making strokes, strong strokes?
It's not like you've thrown away your future.

Whether you're sinking or swimming for peace
it's ok to jump up like foam.
Suck in your doubts and show your confidence.
Where shall we go next?

Because of such small, unimportant things
You're a damaged swimmer that flows with the stream!!
You were beclouded by the blurred me in the water .
Let's close our eyes firmly.

Turn your never ending sadness into happiness,
all your failures into successes and
all your suffering into a song.
It's not magic, but you can do it.