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Even when you put on this adult-like smile
You can't say what you really want to say
It's obvious that you don't wanna get intimate
And you are not about to argue about it either

Your pulling back when we hug
That becomes our give and take moment
You can't be having worries
What about it now?

Let's make this into the beginning of our new season
Turn off the tv and face each other
Let us both take a step forward
It will not start if we didn't

Do you know? Whatever it is in front of us
is the proof of something called L·O·V·E
The flavour of life is profound
If you wanna taste it, you must not give up

Let's welcome our new season
Let's clearly call out each other's names once more
Something might stir

"This is life"
Should we try using this as an excuse?

Everything that has a shape is changing
I want to make this fleeting moment live gloriously for once

Let's make this into the beginning of our new season
Having good manners is the result of being spoiled
Live life by being more attuned to it
Rather than yesterday's or tomorrrow's
I would always see you of this moment
In front of us, there is an unknown paradise waiting