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It's actually not your fault at all
It's just me who is selfishly getting worried
I've used up all ideas that used to come out instantly
My head is like dried hotpot that is overcooked

I know that there're things I must do
Now it's too late even to have regrets about it

Let me go now, I can't stand it anymore
On the other side of the country, there should be something for me
Please don't cry, my love one
Somehow put on a smile and wave your hand to me

High-class society which won't give me opportunities
Good women who won't give me their hands
I want to re-arrange my life
Don't know since when there's a light shining upon my eyes

Don't start blabbering about how hard it is now
If you have time for that, why not start with another job?

Let me go now, I can't stand it anymore
After all beside striving so hard, what else can I do?
It's not easy at all, saying this while dropping the head low
But not yet, I've not had enough, I'm a boy...

Let me go now, I can't stand it anymore
Even if the chance is very small, it's okay to try, right?
Unimaginable things, just once is fine too, I just wanna try it
Now is a good timing, let's face the truth...