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Is there any woman who's prettier than her?
I wonder that, is it true? If there's one, it's awkward (at last)

Even the howl of the puppy sounds dramatic to me
Maybe it's because somebody cast a spell on me, and I can't turn away from it anymore

Just touching your fingers, I feel sparks flying
Maybe I've found something I really love
Can't tell this to anyone

The seaside wind (ha~) Her black hair (ha~) It shakes and from the gaps
I'm being stared at(ha~), now that(ha~), I'll accept everything (flatly)

Even while saying it would never happen, I've been hoping that a day like this will come
How would it be other people's fault

Won't let you go, I never wanna let you go, I don't need anything else
Although some shamefulwords are echoing in my heart
Can't tell this to anyone

I feel my heart beats fast
I feel dizzy too
I'm out of breath
Please help me anyhow

With the mood of the thunder, the clouds begin to move
Whatever happens, it's not a surprise

Won't regret the big step forward that I'm taking
But I wonder what's gonna happen after this, I'm nervous
Can't tell this to anyone

(Can't tell this)