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Even though I’ve been taking it easy, my body is tired
Why does this weariness continue, why?
Isn’t there something you’ve carefully hidden away somewhere?
That bed… closet, memorable days

Then why don’t you just give it away, live luxuriously
Things aren’t that unfortunate
Don’t look at your bankbook so foppishly by yourself
Strew it all over, that dirty money; tightwads aren’t popular?
If you’re aiming for the next step, go ahead and relieve yourself of all that responsibility, please

At a time like this, when things have just started
The inside of your head, filled to capacity, about to burst
There isn’t any room for anything new to come in
That pocket, don’t just stand there, and search through it

Then why don’t you just give it away, live luxuriously
To harp on and on is idiotic
Even if you were head-over-heels
Your ex-darling, your ex-honey, take this opportunity to just say goodbye
Before long someone wonderful will pick up your handkerchief for you

Naa naa hey you, I don’t really need that
Naa naa no, it’s not that, it’s nothing special
Naa naa a little bit more… refreshingly, lively
Naa naa I wonder, what is it?

Then why don’t you just give it away, live luxuriously
No matter how hard you hang on to something
There’s no way you can return to the past
A rusted ring, running ink; burn the letter
After you’ve thrown them into the forbidden forest, run through the dazzling streets

Then why don’t you just throw it away, live boldly
Take it all out on garbage day
Your heart can become brand-new
You’re worried, right? You’re afraid, right? But that’s just fine
Something that will last forever
Someday you’ll find it, without fail

Sorry for taking everything away!!