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I thought to myself that I wanted to turn back time
And my heartbeat grew excessively fast
I hurt someone’s feelings
And was simply embarrassed about how weak I was for doing so

When you want to see them, that person is no longer there anymore
Experiencing such suffering I’ll meet someone again

A dead poem
Packed with makeshift words
It could have been that I was singing
Using up all my time racking my brain just to come up with things like that

Even if you don’t like it, today is the newest day
I’ll do something that the yesterday me couldn’t

Even if you realized your mistakes, and your pride crumbles
Can you start walking again? From here One more time

Living beings that rely on their memories to live
Expectations and anxiety are both products of memory
If I were to just forget everything what would happen

It’s okay if I’m unreliable or if I’m a coward
Even if my voice goes dry and hoarse I don’t care
Whatever I should do, wherever I may go
It’ll always start from here From here