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Ever since I came to know you
Quite some time has passed
Everything becomes new
All continues to be merry and free
The life of feeding greedily on forbidden fruits
It's ashamed that it goes on

I wanna go away, taking you with me
To a place without a name
As far as the eyes can see, a desert where strong wind blows
Walking, wandering around

Listen, we are not doing the same thing again
So don't be timid
People learn from the past
Always stepping to the front
Tell it to yourself repeatedly
We can definitely still enjoy it

I wanna go away, taking you with me
Not even bringing any luggage
On the road of a different country with language we don't know
Becoming lost children

What will tomorrow be, a world we have no idea about
I understand that
But let's put our hearts into talking
About our future together

Just one more time, taking you with me
I wanna go on a journey
Finding things we have come to forget in places we don't know
Following the path