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In a dream, once again I was together with you
Somehow I waited for you very happily
Seemed like I had my hand firmly circled around on your waist
That feeling is quite good
Two persons who finally found their long-awaited other-half

I can't talk to anyone about this embarassing thoughts, can I?
Forever and ever, this feeling is not something I can tell anyone about

Again I see you inside some magazine
You say that you have someone wonderful already
Thank you very much
Is this meeting a fortunate or unfortunate thing?
No matter how tired I am
Why is it that whenever I think of you, I become so happy

I think in life there are yet many wonderful things waiting to happen
If I can see you without intrusion
Then I don't wish for anything else

It's not without purpose your luring me
You must have done it with full knowledge

This feeling is definitely not something that will make sense to her
I can't give up everything anymore now, this is a coward's love

From now on, I will think of you always
Keep going in life and that's good enough for me
From now on, I will think of you always
Keep working hard and nothing will ever change