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If you were to put your self in danger
and die in place of me,
being left behind alone in that world
what should I think about?
I wonder if you remember,
when I fell in love with you, I had an idea.
That I would definitely make you,
who doesn’t even smile, laugh.
But that thought was completely crushed.
I was the only one doing all the laughing…
“I feel like I’m a clown, your exclusive clown!”
I said that jokingly, but you didn’t show any reaction at all!
Smile, for you
I’ll become a complete mess how many times it takes.
I’ll become unreasonable.
I love you enough to want to cry,
enough to laugh.
Spending time, gaining experience,
doing that I stayed close to you.
It felt natural for me, but when you were gone,
I understood the weight of it all…
Back then I strongly held your hand and didn’t let go,
in the end, it was simple self-satisfaction…
“I feel like a liar… saying this was all for you.”
I muttered… but it didn’t reach you…
I’ll run to your side
no matter how many times I trip
or get lost.
Wait for me, I’ll be right there.
I’ll overcome any troubles in my way.
That should have been my fate,
for you and I to always be together.
But if you’re not going to be here
I’ll dash through time and go meet you!
But then, if you made yourself the victim
and protected me…
this time I’ll show you I can protect you,
believe in me!”
Smile, for you
I’ll become a complete mess how many times it takes.
I’ll become unreasonable, even if the world were to end tomorrow!
I hold that hand of yours,
I won’t ever let go again.
I promise you, for as long as I live,
I will make you happy!
I’ll make you laugh countless times
so come with me!
That’s good, isn’t it?