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Lyrical Drive-By

This song is by Aztlan Underground and appears on the album Sub-Verses (1998).

This is a lyrical drive-by
So hit the ground, don't make a sound
And watch the truth fly
Bullets of truth you know they're leaving big holes
In lies that must die called historical scrolls
My mind reloads and unloads
On unsuspecting souls
Buckingem down, breakingem off
The '64 rolls
Deep like a freight train
Rain drops of lead
They're coming to infiltrate your brain
Your head
Now this is what you get for telling those lies that you spread
No mercy fool 'cause you made your own bed
And I got one in the chamber
And 17 in the clip
I see the ranger so I begin to tighten my grip
Now what are you going to do when the bullets begin to rip
The last thing I heard from your ass was "Oh Shit!"

You manifest your destiny
In murder, lies, and thievery
But now you don't know what to do
You're having to deal with me
So at night I creep
With my lights out down your main street
Pray to god for your soul to keep
And don't sleep
'Cause I got the gun that speaks for the meek
An AK in the hands of a revolutionary is bliss
So blow a kiss
To your ass 'cause it won't miss
This is a lyrical drive-by
So hit the ground, don't make a sound
And watch the truth fly
You better not relax
And you better be watching your back
'Cause you never know we might just take it back

I'm coming into
A neighborhood near you
I'm inside your head
And I bringing my point of view
'Cause it's hollow true but it's hard to swallow
I will play the leader and you can just follow
'Cause I can see a lie, yes I can see what's true
And I will do or die, so now I begin to plan a coup
Your through
Your illegally on this land
The wetbacks Uncle Sam
Stealing and killing off the red man
So let me tell you a little somethin'
Were down for revolution
And we're, we're not frontin
Like a red man should
We got our AK huntin
A lil bam-bam-bam
To Uncle Sam
'Cause that colonizer straight jacked our land
But I, I got a gun and I, I'm on the run
And I, I'm in defense of the earth and the sun
'Cause uh, we're in defense of the earth and the sun

I got the rage, I got the rage
I got the rage to pump the twelve gauge

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