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Regatta Fugue (Part One)

This song is by Aztec Jade.

Set set sail for the seas uncharted
Plot the course we'll leave tomorrow
Daybreak the crew is ready
Spirits high lay claim my glory

Waiting so long
To prove there's a way
Just a dreamer
Mad so they say

Travel West ~ to reach the East
At ocean speeds ~ and distance least
Show them all ~ this world is round
We'll span the seas ~ reach solid ground

Godspeed we start our voyage
Pray the storms won't wane my courage
Trade winds they fill the canvas
Hope restored we travel onward

Missing home now
Thoughts that won't leave me
Will I die for lands yet unscene
Lands yet unscene

Thick fog and floating branches
Possibly a coastline nearby
Land ho the crow's net cries out
Journey's end proved skeptics were wrong

Spanish kisses
Are saving my soul
Trading lives for
Spices and gold

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