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Just Like Gold (1981)Edit

Just Like Gold
Just Like Gold
  1. Just Like Gold
  2. We Could Send Letters

High Land, Hard Rain (1983)Edit

Aztec Camera - High Land, Hard Rain
High Land, Hard Rain
  1. Oblivious
  2. The Boy Wonders
  3. Walk Out to Winter
  4. The Bugle Sounds Again
  5. We Could Send Letters
  6. Pillar to Post
  7. Release
  8. Lost Outside the Tunnel
  9. Back on Board
  10. Down the Dip
Bonus tracks on 1991 reissue
  1. Haywire
  2. Orchid Girl
  3. Queen's Tattoos

Knife (1984)Edit

Aztec Camera - Knife
  1. Still on Fire
  2. Just Like the USA
  3. Head Is Happy (Heart's Insane)
  4. The Back Door to Heaven
  5. All I Need Is Everything
  6. Backwards and Forwards
  7. The Birth of the True
  8. Knife

Love (1987)Edit

Aztec Camera - Love
  1. Deep & Wide & Tall
  2. How Men Are
  3. Everybody Is a Number One
  4. More Than a Law
  5. Somewhere in My Heart
  6. Working in a Goldmine
  7. One and One
  8. Paradise
  9. Killermont Street

Stray (1990)Edit

Aztec Camera - Stray
  1. Stray
  2. The Crying Scene
  3. Get Outta London
  4. Over My Head
  5. Good Morning Britain
  6. How It Is
  7. The Gentle Kind
  8. Notting Hill Blues
  9. Song for a Friend

Dreamland (1993)Edit

Aztec Camera - Dreamland
  1. Birds
  2. Safe in Sorrow
  3. Black Lucia
  4. Let Your Love Decide
  5. Spanish Horses
  6. Dream Sweet Dreams
  7. Pianos and Clocks
  8. Sister Ann
  9. Vertigo
  10. Valium Summer
  11. The Belle of the Ball

Covers & Rare (1993)Edit

Covers & Rare
Covers & Rare
  1. Back on Board
  2. All I Need Is Everything (Latin mix)
  3. Jump (Loaded version)
  4. Set the Killing Free
  5. Consolation Prize (featuring Edwyn Collins)
  6. True Colors
  7. (If Paradise Is) Half as Nice
  8. We Could Send Letters
  9. Salvation
  10. Deep and Wide and Tall (Breakdown mix)
  11. Bad Education
  12. Good Morning Britain (featuring Mick Jones)
  13. Walk Out to Winter (extended version)
  14. The Red Flag
  15. Do I Love You?

Frestonia (1995)Edit

Aztec Camera - Frestonia
  1. Rainy Season
  2. Sun
  3. Crazy
  4. On the Avenue
  5. Imperfectly
  6. Debutante
  7. Beautiful Girl
  8. Phenomenal World
  9. Method of Love
  10. Sunset

Walk Out To Winter: The Best Of Aztec Camera (2011)Edit

Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter
Walk Out To Winter: The Best Of Aztec Camera
  1. Walk Out to Winter
  2. Oblivious
  3. Somewhere in My Heart
  4. Deep & Wide & Tall
  5. The Birth of the True
  6. Killermont Street
  7. Good Morning Britain
  8. Spanish Horses
  9. If Paradise Is (Half As Nice)
  10. The Boy Wonders
  11. Everybody Is a Number One
  12. Mattress Of Wire
  13. Pillar to Post
  14. Get Outta London
  15. Let Your Love Decide
  16. Release
  17. All I Need Is Everything
  18. Jump
  19. How Men Are
  20. The Crying Scene
  21. Working in a Goldmine
  22. Still on Fire
  23. Paradise
  24. How It Is
  25. Backwards and Forwards
  26. On the Avenue
  27. Dream Sweet Dreams
  28. One and One
  29. More Than a Law
  30. Birds
  31. Sun
  32. Do I Love You
  33. Just Like the USA
  34. True Colors
  35. Lost Outside the Tunnel
  36. The Red Flag

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