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I'll Do Anything

This song is by Azn Dreamers.


If you want a man to spoil you
If you want a man to treat you like a queen
If you need somebody just to hold you
I'll do anything
I'll run the bath water for you
Wash your hair and gently rub your feet
All you have to do is let me
And i'll do anything

Verse 1:

You say you're tired of the wrong kind of man
The kind who says they'll do but never will understand
What it takes to make a woman feel good
Give me the chance, I promise I would

I'll write your name across the sky for you
And tell the world that i'll always be true
There's no limit let me show you that
There's nothing I wouldn't do for you

- Chorus 1x -

Verse 2:

I'll bring you breakfest in bed everyday
I'll take you shopping to your favorite place
Help you find, a pretty little dress
Put the charge on my American Express

Let's go to dinner and talk about me and you
Try to talk about us going for a cruise
And after twelve I can show you
There ain't nothing, I wouldn't do for you

- Chorus 1x -

Verse 3:

The love I feel for you, is for a lifetime (for a lifetime baby)
Just say that you will be with me, for the rest of my life
Ohhhhh girl

- Chorus til end... -

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